Stay at Home Mum offers comprehensive advertising programs for products and services offered to Mums. We have a dedicated Advertising Team that will work hard to over-deliver on all of our campaigns.  

Why Choose Stay At Home Mum?

Stay at Home Mum is the most trusted online market leader in engaging, high-quality content for Mums (and Dads), Australia-wide. Even the folks in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom love us! We listen to our audience, and we sell them an idea, an easier way of doing things, an improvement to their lives, and provide stories and information by Real Mums, for Real Mums. We do this through our strong commitment to going above and beyond for our advertisers by weaving our client’s key messaging into easy-to-digest, relatable content, creating something that speaks to our readers and influences their decision making toward a good choice.

The Stay at Home Mum team all have vast IT knowledge (ie we are all a bit nerdy but in a good way) and we are a small team, but a nimble one. As a result, our turn-around time for campaigns far outweighs any of our competition.  As your Promotional Partner, you will work one-on-one with a team that is truly committed to engaging, results-driven advertising.

We offer more than just page views… we offer REAL outcomes and will work hard to achieve this. Every campaign is watched carefully for additional optimization strategies and exposure opportunities. And at the end of the campaign, we provide you with a report so you can see the exact numbers that engage with your brand.

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Who Are We?

Stay at Home Mum was launched in 2011 – it started as a simple Facebook Page on saving money.  Today – it is a total women’s lifestyle content site with every topic you can imagine!  Stay at Home Mum is a website by Mum’s, for Mum’s. And our audience is all over the world!

You have probably seen members of our team on Sunrise, The Morning Show, Weekend Edition, Healthy Homes and more!

We didn’t just build this community, we are part of it which is why we are able to speak to our readers in a way that no one else can. We know what they want, what they desire, where they want to go. Whether it be products they love, easy recipes they want to make, the advice they need to hear or share, we know what they want and deliver it in a way that they can understand.

Communicating across multiple platforms including social, Stay at Home Mum reaches more Australian parents than any other site within the parenting industry* – that’s a fact. It’s also a fact that no one does content as we do, content that is engaging, informative, witty, and interests readers. And it’s through our content and other promotional opportunities that our readers get what they need, desire and want. Both information AND entertainment.


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Who Reads Stay at Home Mum?

Stay at Home Mum readers are truly unique! They are real, honest, strongly opinionated and highly engaged. When they come to the Stay at Home Mum website, it is for a giggle, a recipe, looking to further educate themselves, seeking parenting advice from other Mums or to socialize, but more importantly, it is to know that they are not alone.


  • Our average reader is female and is 25-44 years old.
  • She has two children, one of whom is still in nappies.
  • She is the main Grocery Buyer and Decision Maker of the household.
  • Her family typically earns over $100,000 per year.
  • She likes both shopping online and in-store.
  • She views the Stay at Home Website mainly on her Mobile Phone (70%)
  • She is Family-Focused with interests in Cooking, Television, Real Estate, Home & Garden, Gifts, Finances and Financial Services, Entertainment and more. She is a News Junky that loves Entertainment and News Stories too!

Advertising On Stay At Home Mum

Sponsored Content / Post

Stay at Home Mum’s prized possession, sponsored content is the heartland of what we do. Weaving your key messages into an engaging, informative and interesting article, content creates conversation and inspires readers. All posts are supported with social and newsletter (EDM) activity to really maximize your potential reach.

Social Media

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, we’ve got ‘em all! The majority of Stay at Home Mum’s content is consumed via our social channels and as we have Australia’s largest reach on Facebook, it makes sense to reach out on a social level. Pinterest boards, tweets and Instagram campaigns are all possible and open to creative ingenuity.


Our Mums LOVE to cook and with our Recipe Section seeing over 50% of our entire site traffic, it’s no surprise that Sponsored Recipes are a great way to get your brand in front of the right audience. Incorporating your products into recipes and using content drivers are just two clever options in the world of food, glorious food. All recipe are supported by social and EDM activity to really maximize your potential reach.

Our Numbers Are Staggering!


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“Stay at Home Mum has one of the biggest reaches within the parenting industry on Facebook”







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