How to Create and Sell Ebooks for a Profit

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How would you like to sell the exact same product over and over again, without having to do ongoing work? 

Welcome to the perfect product idea – the E-book!

E-books have gained huge popularity in the last few years.  They are a ‘snapshot’ of rich information, usually condensed in a 30 page, easy to read format.  You can write them on any topic you like, and there are multitudes of selling platforms to upload your book to – for free.

BUT – to sell well – you need to find the right niche on the right topic!  That’s where I can help you!

I have sold tens of thousands of e-books on every topic from cooking and cleaning to blogging and toilet training! On top of that – I have four best-selling real books – but you know – I prefer e-books every day of the week!

My e-book on selling e-books shows you:

  • What topics are the most profitable to write about.
  • How to go about writing an ebook.
  • What easy-to-use platforms you use to create an ebook.
  • Where to sell your e-books for the least amount of commission.
  • How to Sell an Ebook without even having to write one.

I have sold e-books for 11 years now – they are my bread and butter.  They are set and forget.    This is a wealth of information, including everything I have learned about writing ebooks for a living, giving you the shortcuts to writing success!

What is stopping you from starting?

Buy my guide and start writing today!


When you have finished your ebook ready for sale – I encourage you to contact me – if I like it –  I’ll sell it on Stay at Home Mum which is read by over one million Mum’s per month!  Imagine the sales you will get!

Start today!

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