Make Your Own Cleaning Products And Save! e-book

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The average person spends up to $28 per week on cleaning products.  That is $1568 per year!

How would you like to reduce that and only spend a mere $3 a month on cleaning products?  

That’s it.  With no catches!  Well you can when you make your own cleaning products at home.  And they work; they smell great and are environmentally friendly.  But most of all, they save you a truck load of money.

It is estimated that the average Australian spends up to 20% of their shopping budget on cleaning items.  So even a conservative figure of $100 on food shopping per week means $20 on cleaning products. Some people spend up to $28/week on oven sprays, spray n wipes, cloths, mop buckets and window cleaner.  Multiply that by 52 - and it shows an average family is spending a whopping $1568 per year on keeping your home clean.

Think of what else you could do with that money! That is a couple of nights at a fancy hotel or a good deposit on an overseas holiday for you and the kids!

Sound good?  

So let’s get cracking on finding out what you need to buy to make your home made products, and how to make them, store them and use them!


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